It is quite possible for someone to have a day that does not seem to go well and for that day, in retrospect, to turn out quite well. I had such a day a few years ago, a day that seemed awful in every way possible but turned out to be wonderful.

I was studying at a University that was quite far from my home, and I had been away from home for six months. When college was closed for a long holiday weekend, I decided that I would spend the money for a plane ticket to go home. I bought a ticket that I really could not afford and then waited for the day of the trip with great anticipation.Unfortunately, on the day of the trip, the weather turned bad.I went to the airport anyway hoping that by some miracle will happen with my flight would be able to take off. By the time I arrived at the airport, the weather had turned even worse.

At the airport, it was announced that no airplanes would be able to take off for some time, that the roads around the airport were closed, and that no one could have the airport. Instead of being able to go home and see my family, whom I missed so much, I was stuck in the airport, cold and alone. After I had been in the airport for about six hours, I was quite upset. This was not how I expected to be spending this vacation from college, sitting by myself on my suitcase on the floor of the airport.

Then what had a horrible day been up until then began turning around. I noticed a gentleman who was sitting nearby and smiling at me.I was surprised that someone could be smiling in the middle of this situation but he began talking and then we talked some more. Another six hours had passed because I was so involved in my conversation with the man.After a total twelve hours in the airport, the bad weather lifted, the roads opened and the airplanes were allowed to take off. When it was announced that my flight would not be taking off until much later, I decided to return to college without going home.

Now you might be thinking that I was very upset about this experience because I did not get to go home to see my family, but this is not even worse.Instead, this moment has turned out to be one of the most beautiful moments in my life. The person whom I met in the airport is now my wonderful life partner.

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